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About the Show

J M Barrie

Scottish playwright, journalist and author Sir James Matthew Barrie (1860-1937) left a considerable literary legacy. His magnum opus was Peter Pan, the enduring legend about the boy who never grew up.

JM Barrie's Early Childhood

Born to conservative Calvinist parents, Barrie's early existence was marred by a tragedy. When he was 7 years old, his older brother (and, by all accounts, his mother's favourite child) died in an ice skating accident. This plunged the boys' mother into a deep depression. The young James attempted to ease his mother's torment by dressing up in his dead brother's clothes. Much of the inspiration behind Peter Pan comes from Barrie's obsession with the brother who would remain a child forever, unable to grow up.

JM Barrie's Career

At the age of 13, Barrie left home for school in Dumfries. It was here he acquired a passion for reading and storytelling. The young student eventually took an MA at the University of Edinburgh, where he honed his skills as a journalist.

After working on a newspaper in Nottingham, Barrie started writing fiction and received considerable success with his novel, The Little Minister. This novel was dramatized and after this, Barrie focused his attention on writing for the stage.

It was the stories about Peter Pan, who first appeared in a section of a novel called The Little White Bird, that brought Barrie lasting fame.

The character's best-known adventure debuted on 27 December 1904 in the stage play Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up. This story was adapted and expanded as a novel, published in 1911 as Peter and Wendy, and later as Peter Pan and Wendy.

Barrie and the Llewelyn Davies Family

Barrie's friendship with Arthur and Sylvia Llewelyn Davies' family was perhaps the most profound relationship of his life.

A regular in London's Kensington Gardens, Barrie became acquainted with the Llewelyn Davies family while walking his dog, Porthos.

He entertained the family's 5 boys with his lively tales and a quirky ability to waggle his ears and eyebrows. Barrie was affectionately dubbed "Uncle Jim" and became a close friend to the children throughout their youth and beyond. It was these boys who inspired him to write the Peter Pan stories.

The Peter Pan Statue in Kensington Gardens

Barrie paid for a Peter Pan statue to be secretly erected in Kensington Gardens in the dead of night in 1912.

The statue's patron had hoped his sculpture would resemble one of the Llewelyn Davies boys, Michael, posing as his mischievous hero. The next day brought disappointment however, as the sculptor had used a different model for the final statue.

Despite the author's initial reservations, the statue still stands today and adds a touch of Neverland enchantment to Kensington Gardens.

Great Ormond Street Hospital Connection

In 1929, Barrie announced that the copyright of his literary success, Peter Pan, would go to Great Ormond Street Hospital for children. Barrie's copyright gift has made a significant and lasting financial legacy to the hospital's work.

Barrie's Death

Barrie died of pneumonia in 1937. His final resting place was Kirriemuir cemetery in Scotland. The vast bulk of the author's estate was inherited by his secretary, Cynthia Asquith.

Peter Pan

Did you know?

There are many weird and wonderful facts surrounding JM Barrie and his stories of Peter Pan. Did you know JM Barrie was only about 5 foot 3 inches (1.6m) tall?

Not Always Neverland

In early drafts of Barrie's play, Neverland is called Peter's Never Never Never Land. When the play was first performed, the island was referred to as the Never Never Land. In the 1923 version, it was shortened to the Never Land. In the 1911 novel, it was spelt as one word: the Neverland.

The Seven Peter Pan Statues of the World

There are seven statues of Peter Pan playing a set of pipes, cast from a mould by sculptor George Frampton. The statues are in:

  • Kensington Gardens in London, England
  • Liverpool, England
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • Camden, New Jersey, USA
  • Perth, Western Australia
  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

Peter Pan: Star-maker

When Peter Pan debuted in London on 27 December 1904, Nina Boucicault played Peter. The title role made a star of Maude Adams in America; she became the most successful, highest paid performer of her day.

JM Barrie: Bringing Wendy to the World

JM Barrie is often credited with popularising the name Wendy, which was really rare before the Peter Pan stories became famous. It's thought Barrie took the name from Margaret Henley, a young girl who used to call Barrie her "friendy-wendy."

JM Barrie: Inventor of the Wendy House

The name Wendy House for a small play house comes from the house Peter Pan and the Lost Boys build for the injured Wendy when she arrives in Neverland.


Watching my six year old son in the early noughties playing a computer game I saw that he was wandering over a digital landscape and I thought to myself, what if you could take 1200 people on a journey like that, but in a theatre? I decided then to learn about 3D software as quickly as I could – one-to one teaching, all in a hurry. It"s not film, it"s CGI – so you can do anything you like with it. It"s where the virtual world steps out from a flat screen. Imagine looking at a great painting, and having that moment where you think "I wish I could walk right into that right now". Well with 3D you can.

Peter Pan is the world"s first fully 360 degree projected movie for live theatre. When I first met the producers of the show the 360 degree lens system had only just become available, which was very fortuitous and enabled us to do it in the round. My response to first seeing the technical drawings was that we had a 360 degree view with no obstructions – it"s a perfect cylindrical forum. The 360 degree lens is a recent technological development and prior to this the nearest that all my team had got was 220 degrees, so this was a huge leap forward.

We used a wide filled lens to shoot the model of London that we fly over. It is a scale model of 400 square miles. We took a vast slice of London to give a sense of space from any angle at all times. It"s a complex technique that took nearly three weeks for a roomful of super computers to convert our instructions into finished images. A hundred of these machines chugged away day and night and they didn"t stop until the task was done. This rendering of the images was done out in California by the same machines that did Spiderman.

Peter Pan is the most famous flying show in the world, so to do any version of it the starting point has to be how are we going to fly? What we"ve tried to do is fill in the difference between Barrie"s original production at the Duke of York"s Theatre in 1904 where they would simply bring a cloth down (or they"d have a roller cloth rolling past the actors creating the illusion of movement) and a fusion with what modern cinema has to offer. It gives the entire audience something big to see, instead of tiny figures a long way off in the distance.

What we have aimed for is a fusing of some very different theatre styles. This is still a theatre production. We have live actors to tell the story and we also have puppetry of a charming and surreal style, aerobatics, singing and sword fighting. What we also have is this other very special element. We take the audience up in the air and give them the feeling that they"re soaring through the sky with these very familiar characters. It"s a lovely feeling.


Creative Team

threesixty° Entertainment

Charlie Burnell Producer

Charlie has been producing theatre in London since the premier of Anthony Minghella's Cigarettes and Chocolate in 1996. In 2003, he produced One Knight Only, starring Dames Judi Dench, Helen Mirren, Diana Rigg and Eileen Atkins, with Kevin Spacey and Zoe Wanamaker at the Theatre Royal Haymarket. His other productions include Honour (Wyndham's Theatre), What the Butler Saw (Criterion Theatre), The Shape of Things (New Ambassadors Theatre) and Peter Shaffer's Black Comedy for the Colorado Festival of World Theatre.

Mat Churchill Producer

Mat is a theatre and events producer who specialises in tented or site-specific events. In 1998, Mat financed and created the theatre tent for the National Theatre's touring production of "Oh, What a Lovely War!" He also converted the St Andrew Holborn crypt into a temporary theatre, producing Steve Tiller's sellout production Warcrime in the space. In 2005, he produced the Trade Justice event at Westminster Abbey for Christian Aid: performers included Ronan Keating, Beverly Knight, Jools Holland, Damian Lewis and Pete Postlethwaite.

In 2007 Charlie Burnell and Mat Churchill formed Threesixty Entertainment to present re-imagined classic texts for an adult and family audience on a worldwide stage. Peter Pan, Threesixty's launch production, was a smash hit in London's Kensington Gardens in the summer of 2009, playing to 150,000 people over 16 weeks and holds its USA premier in San Francisco in May 2010.

Productions are presented in a stunning, specially commissioned state-of-the-art temporary venue in which 360 degree video, light, sound, set, music, actors, dancers, aerialists and puppeteers are all involved to tell the story.

Threesixty seeks the finest creative teams in order to deliver some of the greatest stories ever written as they have never been seen before. A well told story appeals to everyone so, in addition to regular theatre goers, it is Threesixty's intention to attract people who have never been to live theatre before be they five or a hundred and five.

From the global landmark locations surrounding the theatre, to the sound and video surrounding the audience, the stage and the performers, the experience is all-encompassing - Threesixty.

Creative Team

This magical version of Peter Pan has been brought together by an award-winning creative team. They have created a bold, visually stunning reappraisal of J M Barrie's classic story that has proved compelling for adults and children alike.

Ben Harrison: Director

Ben Harrison is one of the world's leading exponents of site-specific theatre having staged productions in locations ranging from a City Morgue to an International Airport. A former Associate Director of the Almeida Theatre where he created the acclaimed Participatory Projects Programme, Ben is currently Artistic Director of the multi-award winning Grid Iron Theatre Company. He is also Artistic Advisor and Regisseur of the Dutch Muztheater company for whom he has directed five productions. He has pioneered numerous overseas projects and is currently developing the new Lebanese piece Bint Jbeil with the National Theatre of Scotland.

William Dudley: Designer

William Dudley is one of the UK's leading theatre designers. During his 40 years in the business, he's won seven Olivier Awards, and worked regularly at the National Theatre, Royal Court, and in the West End, with numerous play and opera designs to his name. William has an international reputation for his work creating 3D virtual environments, used in both theatre design and in commissions outside the theatre. He's worked with Trevor Nunn, Peter Hall, Peter Gill, Jonathan Miller and Howard Davies.

Tanya Ronder: Writer

Tanya has a reputation for outstanding adaptations of classic works. These include the award-winning adaptation of Vernon God Little (DBC Pierre) for the Young Vic, Saint Exupéry's Night Flight, Lorcas's Blood Wedding for the Almeida Theatre, Ionesco's Macbett, and Lope de Vega's Peribanez, also for the Young Vic. Her original works include Chain Play II for Indhu Rubasingham at the Almeida Theatre (a five-link play written by Neil LaBute, Abi Morgan, Tanya Ronder, Richard Bean and Stephen Adly Guirgis), The Boy, and the short film, King Bastard. Also in development are adaptations of Eduardo de Filippo's Filumena, and an adaptation of Dracula.

Benjamin Wallfisch: Composer

Multi award-winning composer and conductor Benjamin Wallfisch has received over 50 commissions, including those for the BBC Proms, Bath International Festival, Rambert Dance Company, the Hallé and Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra. He is Associate Composer of the Orchestra of St John's and is exclusively published by Edition Peters. His debut film score (Dear Wendy) was nominated as "Discovery of the Year" in the 2005 World Soundtrack Awards. His most recent score for Rupert Wyatt's "The Escapist" was nominated for an Ivor Novello Award (Best Original Film Score). Benjamin orchestrated and conducted Dario Marianelli's Oscar-winning score for Atonement and his Oscar-nominated score for Pride and Prejudice and to date has worked on 22 other feature film scores. Benjamin also maintains an international conducting career, working with BBC Symphony, Philharmonia, Sydney Symphony and Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestras. 

Fleur Darkin: Choreographer

Jerwood-nominated choreographer Fleur Darkin formed her own company Darkin Ensemble in 2003. In 2006, she developed the critically acclaimed Augustine, which toured extensively in the UK in 07-08. Fleur is currently working with eight artists to produce DISGO, an immersive dance event which tours internationally in 2010. Fleur's new choreography credits include Disgo The Place Prize; Parabolic, Bristol Old Vic and London Big Dance; Hotel, Cosmopolitan, Stories, The Sound Clash. Darkin has been the in-house choreographer at Glastonbury festival for three years choreographing for acts including Scissor Sisters, Kelis, Sister Sledge and Chemical Brothers. Fleur's film work includes Stories (Wag) and the three part science musical Dr Tatiana (Channel 4/Discovery). Fleur's theatre work includes Beauty and The Beast, for the Dundee Repertory Theatre; Low Fidelity, ROH/Dance SW; Helter Skelter, Tramway; Jenny on the Block, Birmingham Repertory Theatre; Jack and The Beanstalk, Cinderella, Dick Whittington for the Liverpool Everyman; Debutantes, C-Scape Dance; Virgins, Company of Angels. Her work with Ben Harrison includes Bint Jbeil, Roam, Grid Iron, and You Tell Us What Was, We Tell You What Is (National Theatre of Scotland). Darkin has enjoyed international residencies at PARTS Brussels, Meiningen Theatre Germany and Theatre Mono, Lebanon. Darkin is Associate Artist of Bristol Old Vic and is choreographer in residence at Laban International summer school 2009.

Mark Henderson: Lighting Designer

Mark Henderson has lit more than 50 West End productions, including West Side Story, Grease, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Carmen Jones. He's worked as Lighting Consultant with the Almeida Theatre, and has also worked with the ENO, the Royal Shakespeare Company, The Old Vic and the Donmar. As an Associate of the National Theatre, Mark Henderson has lit productions such as The History Boys, Hamlet, A Little Night Music and Anthony and Cleopatra. He won the Olivier Award for Best Lighting Design in 1992, 1994, 2000 and 2002, and the Tony Award for Best Lighting in 2006.

Gregory Clarke: Sound Designer

Credits: The Philanthropist (American Airlines, Broadway); New Electric Ballroom (Riverside Studios); For King And Country (UK Tour); Loot (Tricycle Theatre); The Little Prince, Lucky Seven, In The Club, Everything Is Illuminated, Clever Dick, The Schuman Plan, What the Butler Saw, When the Night Begins, Abigail's Party, (Hampstead Theatre); Where There's A Will, Love's Labour's Lost (The Rose Theatre); The Vortex (Apollo), Ring Round The Moon (Playhouse), Cloud Nine (Almeida), Pygmalion (American Airlines, Broadway), Equus (Gielgud and Broadway); Journey's End (London, UK tour and Broadway, New York Drama Desk Award winner for Outstanding Sound Design); A Voyage Round My Father (Wyndhams); The Philanthropist (Donmar); Hayfever, Lady Windermere's Fan, The Royal Family (Theatre Royal, Haymarket); Honour (Wyndhams); The Home Place, Whose Life is it Anyway? (Comedy); The Emperor Jones and The Chairs (The Gate); And Then There Were None, Some Girls (Gielgud); Waiting For Godot (New Ambassadors); What the Butler Saw (Criterion); The Dresser (Duke Of York's); Amy's View, You Never Can Tell (Garrick); National Anthems (Old Vic); Betrayal (Duchess); Abigail's Party (New Ambassadors); Mum's the Word (Albery); Song Of Singapore (Mayfair); No Man's Land, Tristan and Yseult, The Emperor Jones (National Theatre); Great Expectations, Coriolanus, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Tantalus and Cymbeline (RSC). The New Electric Ballroom (Druid, Galway and Edinburgh), Troilus and Cressida (European tour), The English Game (UK tour), Blackbird (UK Tour), Crown Matrimonial (UK tour), Uncle Vanya (The Rose, Kingston), A Dolls House, Portrait of a Lady, Born In The Gardens, Pygmalion, Little Nell, Measure For Measure, Habeas Corpus, Miss Julie, Private Lives, Much Ado About Nothing, You Can Never Tell, Design for Living, Betrayal, Fight for Barbara, As You Like It (The Peter Hall Company); The Changeling (Barbican); Nights at the Circus (Lyric Theatre Hammersmith and tour); Insignificance (Sheffield Lyceum); My Boy Jack (UK tour); 6 Seasons at the Open Air Theatre, Regent's Park; Seven Doors, Semi-Detached, Pal Joey, Heartbreak House, A Small Family Business, I Caught My Death in Venice, Nathan the Wise, Song of Singapore, Nymph Errant (Chichester); Office Suite, Present Laughter, Old Times, How The Other Half Loves, Victory (Theatre Royal Bath).

Pippa Ailion: O2 Casting

Pippa has cast over 100 productions for West End, UK, US and internationally. Seasons at Chichester, Crucible Theatre Sheffield & West Yorkshire Playhouse. She was Resident Associate Director and cast three seasons of 15 European Classics for Jonathan Miller at The Old Vic between 1987 and 1991.

West End / London includes: Legally Blonde, The Importance of Being Earnest (Regent's Park), The Fairy Queen (Glyndebourne), Been So Long (Young Vic), Spring Awakening, Billy Elliot, The Lion King, We Will Rock You, Marguerite, Chess In Concert, The Drowsy Chaperone, Porgy & Bess, Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks, Generations, The Postman Always Rings Twice, Blue Man Group, Follow My Leader, Enchanted Pig, Acorn Antiques, Tonight's The Night, Simply Heavenly, Disney's Beauty and the Beast, Japes, Wit, Rent, The Magistrate, Hair, Into the Woods.

Current Europe: The Fairy Queen, Tarzan, High School Musical, We Will Rock You, Blue Man Group.

UK Tours: Quadrophenia, We Will Rock You, Riverdance, Jerry Springer The Opera, The Gingerbread Lady, Golden Boy, Slamdunk, Five Guys Named Moe, Tonight's the Night, Acorn Antiques.

Future: Into The Woods (Regents Park), Jack & the Beanstalk (Lyric Hammersmith)

Assistant Casting Director: James Hopson


Casting Co-Ordinator: Natalie Gallacher


Alison Chard CDG: Original Casting Director

Alison Chard has extensive credits for stage and screen over a 20-year career. She has cast dozens of productions for the National Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company, where she was Head of Casting. She has worked with many leading directors like Richard Eyre, Nicholas Hytner, Adrian Noble, Sam Mendes and Matthew Warchus. Alison's career highlights include the world premiere of The Madness of George III, the UK premiere of Angels in America, The Wind in the Willows, Ian McKellen's Richard III and Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet. Alison has also cast TV series for the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 in a wide variety of genres such as M.I.T., Real Women and Neverwhere, and since 1996 has been particularly associated with casting The Bill.

Sue Buckmaster: Head of Puppetry

Sue has many years experience as a Director and Puppetry Specialist. She has worked with Complicite on the Caucasian Chalk Circle at the National Theatre, Bartholomew Fair with the RSC, The Nativity with David Farr at the Young Vic plus productions with Sadler's Wells, the South Bank Centre, the Lyric Hammersmith, Leicester Haymarket, Opera Circus, Graeae, Tara Arts, Theatre Centre, Pop-Up Theatre, Roundabout TIE, the Crafts Council and the Puppet Centre. She is also the Artistic Director of Theatre-Rites; she's directed eight site-specific productions for the company. Sue trained at Middlesex University and has an MA in Contemporary Theatre Practice from Essex University.



Ben Adams: Nibs

Ben Adams has trained at Florida State University where he earned his B.A in Theatre. He has performed in the award winning short First Kill as well as The River Wind and Tree. Some theater credits include, Dancing at Lughnasa (Michael), Our Town (George), and the Producers (Carmen). He is excited to tell the story of Peter Pan to the next generation.

Darren Barrere: Tootles

Darren Barrere is thrilled to embark on his first tour. Previous credits include Tina Landau's production of The Time of Your Life (American Conservatory Theatre), and assistant directing Mary Zimmerman's Candide (Goodman Theatre). He is a junior at Northwestern University.

Chuck Bradley: Peter Pan

Chuck Bradley is a graduate of the Boston Conservatory Theatre Program and the American Ballet Theatre. As a classically trained pianist, dancer and tenor, Chuck's New York and Los Angeles stage credits include; The Night of the Hunter, Burn This, All My Sons, West Side Story, Billy Bubblehead and Broken Hands. His film credits include; Wirey Spindell and A True Story. Chuck would like to thank his friends and family for never letting him grow up! This is for Grandpa.

Heidi Buelhler: Tigerlily

Heidi Buelhler grew up dancing in the Bay Area and graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a BFA in Dance. Since graduating she has been dancing with local professional ballet and modern companies. Other interests include snowboarding, cycling, and loving life.

Alejandro Cordoba: Mullins / Cecco

Alejandro Cordoba is an actor currently based in the city of Chicago. His work has been seen at TimeLine Theatre, Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, and Holiday Theatre. He received actor training from The Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University.

Ian Paul Custer: Cookson

Ian Paul Custer received his B.F.A. in Acting from the Theatre School at DePaul University. Chicago credits: Goodman Theatre, TimeLine Theatre, Fox Valley Rep, Route 66 Theatre, Raven Theatre. Regional credits: Notre Dame Shakespeare and "Mercutio" in Romeo and Juliet at Cardinal Stage.

Amanda Goble: Mermaid

Amanda Goble is an aerialist, dancer, teacher, choreographer, and aerial consultant. She specializes in creating solo, duo and ensemble pieces that blur the lines between circus arts, dance, and storytelling. Recently, Amanda served as Assistant Executive Director of SHOW Circus Studio.

Joshua Holden: Lead Puppeteer

Regional: Avenue Q (National Tour). Chicago: The Nutcracker @ Steppenwolf (House Theatre of Chicago), The Selfish Giant (Chicago Children's Theatre), Kid Simple (American Theatre Company), and The Taming of the Shrew (Chicago Shakespeare Theatre). Joshua's a proud Massachusetts native, a graduate of the Walnut Hill School, and has a BFA in Theatre performance from the Chicago College of Performing Arts, Roosevelt University.

Evelyn Hoskins: Wendy Darling

Evelyn played "Thea" in the original London cast of Spring Awakening (Lyric Hammersmith/West End) and "Martha'" in The Secret Garden (Birmingham Rep). Television includes a guest lead in the award winning series Misfits (E4) and a reoccurring role in Casualty and Holby City for the BBC. She recently workshopped a new musical project for the National Theatre of Great Britain. Evelyn is originally from Somerset and is thrilled to be making her US debut.

Ben Huth: Starkey

Graduated from DePaul's Theatre School with a degree in Acting. He has spent the majority of his time out of school performing with the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre where credits include Macbeth and Romeo & Juliet. Catch Mr.Huth later this year in Civil War 3D.

Kasumi Kato: Mermaid

Kasumi Kato is the director of Aerial Apex, an aerial dance studio in her hometown, Atlanta, GA. Kasumi studied circus arts and theatre from a young age and has performed with educational, philanthropic and corporate entities since 1992.

Jonathan Kidder: Alf Mason

Jonathan is a member of Jim Henson's Puppet Up Improv in Los Angeles. Puppetry: Disney, Wildbrain Media, Agape International Spiritual Center, Kaiser Permanente. Stage; Footloose!, Picasso at the Lapin Agile, The Sound of Music. Jonathan holds a BA in Theatre from Principia College on the bluffs of Illinois.

Alexander Knapp: Bill Jukes / Skylights

Alexander Knapp is delighted to be plundering all your booty with a bunch of pirates. Alex has spent his last five years in Chicago as an actor, clown, musician, barista, bike riding, juggling, street performing, samurai, scholar, and Segway tour ninja.

Tom Larkin: John Darling

Tom Larkin graduated from Drama Centre London in July 2010, where his credits include Summerfolk, Much Ado About Nothing and Figaro Gets Divorced. Other theatre credits include: Brecht's In The Jungle Of Cities, The Emperor Self, Robin Hood, and The Tail of The Big Bad Wolf. Tom is delighted to make his American debut with such a classic English story.

Rachel Lien: Jane

Award-winning actress Rachel Lien has performed in over 30 theatrical productions. She recently appeared on network television shows "The Young and The Restless" and "90210," movies April Showers and soon to released Ticket Out starring Ray Liotta. "I won't grow up!"

Chris Reinacher: Swing

Chris Reinacher's short films have been screened at Cannes, Sundance & Out Of Bounds Comedy Festival. In Los Angeles, he won iO West's EXecution, "the search for the best improviser in the city." His latest project is Teenage Mountain Lion. You google, you'll like.

Keith Richards: Smee / Cab Driver 1

Originally from Milwaukee, WI and now based in Chicago, Keith trained at ORU in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Regional Credits: Light Opera Works, NE Theatre Caravan, Sight & Sound, Cincinnati Children's Theatre, Alaska Shakespeare Festival, Wohlfahrt Haus, Showboat Majestic, and Princess Cruise Lines.

Ian Street: Curly

Ian trained at East15 Acting School, London. Previous theatre credits include the lead in Michael Rosen's Pinocchio (Polka Theatre), Office Party (Underbelly/Assembly Productions), Invisible Town (Hoipolloi/National Theatre Studio) and The Little Prince (Edinburgh/ Moscow). An original cast member from the U.K. premiere, Ian is delighted to be making his U.S. debut.

Josh Swales: Mr. Darling / Captain Hook

Josh is proud to be associated with this production of Peter Pan. He was born in Cairns, Australia and started performing at the age of 13 starring as Tom Sawyer in Tom Sawyer. He continued to perform across the country and in New Zealand in the shows Oliver and Jesus Christ Superstar. Josh has appeared in several international productions including Hair, Aida, Jesus Christ Superstar and Jospeh and the Amazinf Technicolor Dreamcoat. In addition to his theatre credits, Josh has appeared in several films and television productions. Many thanks to his wonderful friends and supportive family.

Lee Turnbell: Slightly

Trained at Anna Scher's Theatre, London. Lee's professional career already spans over 18 years. Television credits include The Street and Waking the Dead. Film credits include Cass, Outlaw, and the lead role in this year's critically acclaimed, award-winning Zebra Crossing.

Shannon Warwick: Mrs. Darling

Regional credits include seasons with The Alabama Shakespeare Festival. Bay Area work includes seasons with Shakespeare Santa Cruz and TheatreWorks. She has trained with Shakespeare & Company, holds a postgraduate certificate through U.C. Santa Cruz and an M.F.A. through The Alabama Shakespeare Festival. She is the mother of two children, daughter Porter and son Thatcher.

Scott Weston: Michael Darling

Scott trained at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA). Theatre credits include: The Railway Children, Beautiful Thing, Twelfth Night, Falsettoland, and Little Women. Scott is ecstatic to be making his U.S debut in this innovative production of Peter Pan!

Emily Yetter: Tinker Bell

Hailing from the Boston area, Emily received an acting degree from UCLA and studied at BADA. Stage productions include: Norman's Ark (Ford Amphitheater), Elektra, 365 (Geffen Playhouse), Our Town and Hamlet. Film/TV credits: Safehouse, Project X and Prom Queen. Physical training ranges from martial arts to stilt walking, but after playing Tink nothing quite compares to flying in Neverland!


Quotes & Reviews

Press Quotes


'CAPTIVATING WONDER of 'PETER PAN' hooks all ages'
Boston Globe

'A THRILLING new production, it feels as if we are flying, the effect of the 360-degree projections is truly JAW-DROPPING.'
Boston Globe

"The choreography and flying are truly enchanting."

"The 360 production of Peter Pan takes you on a breath-taking visual trip; my wife and I felt like we were flying too! Now that we are, supposedly, grown up, it was great to be a kid in 'Neverland' again.'

'It's magical. Peter Pan flies high at City Hall Plaza'
Cape Cod Times

'A show the whole family and offers a wonderful outing for the holiday season. Everybody can use a little magic in their lives, especially at this time of year. You can grow up after January 1st.'

'A panoramic pleasure.'
Boston Herald

"Stunning. My family was totally immersed in the show thanks to the amazing 360 degree presentation. We got to fly with Peter and Wendy!"
KABC Radio, Peter Tilden

"Celebrates the magic and the message of the story that's true to Barrie's vision yet still ultimately joyous, playful and uplifting. Above all, this Peter Pan is grandly and unabashedly theatrical."
Orange County Register, Paul Hodgins

"Enough spectacle and aerial acrobatics to compete with any Cirque show"
LA TIMES, Richard Stayton

"**** An immensely thrilling ride. A gem to be enjoyed whether you are 8, 18 or 80."

"An awfully big adventure. Breathtaking."
Daily Mail

"**** Stunning. A thrilling experience."

"A joyous flight of fancy."
London Paper

****" The atmosphere is perfect, the costumes outstanding. The dream world of Neverland is sensationally complemented by William Dudley"s cinematic projections. How we cheered!"

"Fantastic. An absolute must-see."
Elaine Paige, BBC Radio 2

"A mesmerizing & spectacular family event"
Magic 105.4

"Awesome flying scenes."
Time Out

"Fantastic show, wonderful cast, brilliantly done! Some of the most exciting visuals I"ve ever seen"
Simon Bates, Classic FM

"The most sparkly and magical evening imaginable."
Simon Bates Classic FM

Press Cuttings

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Peter Pan to return "home" to Kensington Gardens | The Stage | March 2007

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Celebrities who love Peter Pan...

"I hadn't imagined anything quite so breathtaking as the flight over London. What impressed me almost more however was how true I felt you had been to JM Barrie .It was a wonderful addition to my memories of Peter Pan. I don't really see how it could be bettered!" Laura Duguid (née Llewellyn Davies)
Goddaughter of JM Barrie

"We had a magical afternoon under the big tent, the production was fantastic. The visual effects that heightened the flying sequences had everyone around us ducking through archways as Peter and co zoomed off to Neverland. The cast was great, Tinkerbell was a hoot and the puppetry was masterful. We had a very special family experience and I suppose the highest praise came from my son Charlie aged five; the moment the show was finished, he turned to me and said, "That was great Dad, let's watch it again!"
Russell Crowe

"It's how Peter Pan should be! To sit with all these children who are just spellbound is just magical."
Barbara Windsor

"An absolutely magical production! 21st Century design faithfully reinventing the classic play. The only thing that surpasses the design is the wonderful cast."
Ben Elton

"Thanks to this wonderful production, I now believe in fairies."
Russell Brand

"What can I say? A fantastic piece of theatre. My mouth was just wide open. I was a child again. I wanted to be everything, Wendy, Tigerlilly, a mermaid and Tinkerbell. I hope it comes back every year!"
Alex Kingston